Aether by Anargyros Drolapas


Inspired by the mythological fifth element Aether (or Quintessence) the current series of photos act as a medium to a layered reality. Either plainly an illusion or possibly a depiction of dark energy, quintessence is present, forcing us to exist within excessively small whirlpools.


My main interest is in images where the photographer perceives a chain of events and always manages to stay unnoticed. Collecting images of people and random objects that act as readymades in city's environment. A dystopian reality keeps piling ruin upon ruin and hurls it in front of photographer's feet. 

The permanent question if one should participate, interact or act stays unanswered. In what way could or should a photographer interact with his subject? 
The effort to involve others is still valid.

- Anargyros Drolapas




Anargyros Drolapas is based in Athens, Greece. Having previously studied physics and IT, he has steadily pursued photography since 2010. His images have been seen in online magazines, along with two solo exhibitions and various group exhibitions.