Collas by Francisco Peña  


"For two years I worked on a project with a native community named Collas, who in 2010 were recognised by UNESCO as Living Human Treasures. They live in the north of my country and at the time I was doing rounds as a dentist of ten days in this very isolated place in the mountains. The Collas live mostly from animal husbandry because of the altitude and the low temperatures (2500 msnm to 4000 msnm and temperatures of up to -20°C in the winter). With the strong winds of the Andes agriculture is almost impossible.
I had hoped to make a book with information and history of the Collas, but the dentistry project ended and I wasn't able to complete it. 
Here I present some portraits of the comuneros and their horses."




Francisco Peña is a Chilean dentist & photographer.

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