Never Forget, Nobody Cares by Alessandro Seccareccia


"This series is partially focused on forms, light, shadows and composition. When it comes to subject matter, I try to capture unusual social behaviour, subcultures and strange scenes that keep the viewer wondering. I always try to capture raw emotion mostly found through body language because it speaks to me in ways facial expression cannot. The subject usually becomes self-conscious when noticed and this is very apparent through body language. The strong contrast and harsh light sets the mood in my photographs and the flash allows me to capture moments that usually occur at night or in the dark, because chaos is much more commonly found at times when most people are asleep. My goal is to present images that speak to people about emotion, impulse, and human instinct without completely revealing the context in which the photograph is taken place. Detail is something that should be left for the viewer's imagination to define."  -- Seccareccia

Alessandro Seccareccia, from Ottawa, Ontario and currently based in Montreal, Quebec.


About the artist: 

Alessandro Seccareccia is a graduate of the Ottawa School of Art and currently completing a major in photography at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. He has presented his photographs at the Ottawa School of Art grad show and the Lee Matasie Gallery in Ottawa. In the fall of 2013, Carleton University library purchased two of the artist's photographs for their archives collection. As of now, Seccareccia's focus is to complete his first book entitled “Never Forget, Nobody Cares”- a project the photographer has been working on for the past four years to be finalized by the end of 2015.