The Promise of Sublime Words by Ewa Doroszenko


"The project was started during the course of my doctoral studies, when I was preparing for a final exam in art history. During my research I discovered many old and obsolete books with popular sculptures from Antique to Classicism. To spice up the process of spaced repetition, I began preparing photographs connected with discussed topics. I tried to confront myself with photographic reproductions of varying quality and scale which depict stone sculptures, illusionistic spaces, portraits, etc. My aim was to show my favourite statues as objects, which arouse ambiguous associations. I tried to distort the usual view of sculptures and finally destabilize a natural sense of order. The appropriated images, deliberately trimmed to remove some details, are hard to decipher. I created new equivalences and relationships – the internal juxtapositions are far detached from the original context of images."

Ewa Doroszenko, based in Warsaw, Poland. 

Born in 1983. Doctor of Arts in Fine Arts, visual artist. She tests various ranges and scales of artistic expression: from traditional painting to multimedia installations, also in the field of Internet art.