Conflict by Sotiris Tsagatakis


"In the winter of 2015 I started photographing in the centre of Athens. My motives were my everyday routine, my work places and my personal urban routes. On my mind, I obsessively had a pair of concepts: entrapment and evacuation, and the blurred and relative limits between these two concepts.
I continued this work, realizing that this relativity extends to other pair of concepts: choice and need, poverty and wealth, hope and despair.
Eventually, are the limits of photographic act clarified, when you are the product, as well as the observer of what you photograph, or do they blur? Is it clear, when do you photograph a city and when do you photograph yourself?"

- Sotiris Tsagatakis


Sotiris Tsagatakis was born in Patras, in 1983, and lives permanently in Athens, Greece. His involvment with photography begins in 2012, at the photolab of 18 Ano Rehabilitation Unit.
Afterwards, he studied photography with a scholarship at the Focus School of Art Photography and Video in Athens. He graduated in 2015 and works as a freelance photographer. He has participated in group and individual exhibitions in Athens, as well as at the 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, in 2015.