Interview #44: Spencer Wohlrab


CUS: First of all, the most standard question in the book: how did you get into photography?

Spencer Wohlrab: I remember flipping through the yellow pages to find ads for tanning beds, because they always had pictures of babes in bikinis, thinking "This photographer is the luckiest guy in the world." So I saved up my allowance for a couple of months and bought a Polaroid camera, which I only used to take photos of cars. You should see those photos. Their pretty rad.


CUS: Tell us a little about where you live.

SW: I live in New York City, which is a lot like an abusive girlfriend. She will beat you, put you down, and leave you for dead, but in the morning, you still love her and what you have been through.


CUS: Do you have a favorite photographer?

SW: I am inspired by fashion, and influenced by those around me. I have had the pleasure of living with some of the most amazing up and coming photographers, and working with some of the biggest names in fashion. Its these people that I look up to.


CUS: Do you have a favorite subject you like to shoot?

SW: Girls. I mean who doesn't.


CUS: Did you study, or are you studying, photography? If not, how did you learn?

SW: I went to Ringling College of Art to pursue a career in graphic design. It was because of this unique experience, which lead me to ditch the computer, and start shooting instead.


CUS: What is your most treasured possession?

SW: If my house were burning down, and I only had time to grab 2 things, I think it would be negatives, and letters. And probably my hard drive, because I don't want to have to rescan all of those photos.


CUS: What are five things you can’t live without?

SW: Years ago, this question meant something entirely different to me. Since losing myself in the city that never sleeps, I have had to give up every single thing I have had at one point or another, so other than the essentials and some good friends, I don't think there is much I couldn't do without.


CUS: If you could be anyone for a day who would you be?

SW: Someone rich. And I would want to spend that day in Vegas.


CUS: Describe your average day.

SW: Well I start drinking around 1pm. I always carry a backpack with 2 cameras, a bag full of film, a Tshirt, and an extra pair of socks and underwear just in case I feel like running away on that particular day. 


CUS: Where does your inspiration usually come from?

SW: My inspiration usually comes from the relationships around me, and the experiences I have had. I am a true romantic at heart, and this affects a lot of what I do.


CUS: What is your favorite book and why?

SW: They say the Bible contains all information. I'm not sure if I believe this.


CUS: What are your other hobbies besides photography?

SW: I used to skateboard, but I quit for a girl. 


CUS: What are your plans for the summer?

SW: No plans. I think I would like to jump off a waterfall. Well see.

Spencer Wohlrab, born 1986, from Texas, USA


Images provided by Spencer Wohlrab. All rights reserved.