The Big Empty by Gabriel Orlowski


"A viewer comes in late, the spectacle is now performed just before itself. Intermezzo in one beat per minute. No audience, no distractions. Focus on infinity. Random hums, air and erosion induce some dynamic into the phase space. The old crock resonates well and the degree of freedom is still notably high. There is good deal of dust drifting and it’s hard to guess how long this maintenance has been carried out for. The surfaces wear off, old, dried up paint grows brittle. A model crime scene. Only traces now suggest, that anything has actually ever happened here, and even those are barely recognizable by contour. Environment is simplified and gradually takes on a neutral, uniform color, then slowly cascades. The thermodynamical system naturally shifts from one state to another. The parameters should somehow conserve themselves." 

- Gabriel Orlowski

Born 1989, Gabriel Orlowski lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. The artist works with photography, video and new media, and is a graduate of Leon Schiller’s Polish National Film, TV and Theatre School in Łódź with an MFA in photography (2016).


Things are getting complicated. The whole environment engages in feedback and rattles like an old engine, as the speed of change reaches its' peak value. Signal becomes distorted, graphics – inaccurate. When all variables are fluid, any objectivity is questionable. I’m interested in the dynamics of a space in an abstract approach. The registry becomes a tool for measuring intensities.