To Make a Mirror by Sofia Colvin


CUS: What was the inspiration behind your project "To Make a Mirror"?

Sofia Colvin: I am drawn to rocks, minerals and expanse. I also shoot fashion, by scouting locations online and designing garments based off these landscapes- I am able to combine both unique locations and fashion. To Make a Mirror is a combination of everything I love and a true journey to produce, design, travel, photograph and edit. I love reconnecting with the earth after living in the city for so long. Being able to go to these locations allows me to re-center myself.


CUS: Can you elaborate on your process - did you choose locations and then construct garments to reflect/converse with the landscape or vice versa?

SC: I research places around the world online and once I find a vast, minimal, location with a nice palette I then design the garments. The location/ landscape always informs the clothing for each photograph.


CUS: How did you decide on the locations for this project?

SC: I honestly never know how to answer this question. There’s an attraction that occurs when I come across these environments. I always try to find a place that has a simplicity and elegance to it. Clean, and has a certain range of colors and tones to the landscape.


CUS: Are you constructing these garments yourself or are you collaborating with designers?

SC: I have no skill to construct clothing/ garments. I am able to clearly visualize myself in these landscapes dressed in the custom clothing. Each location has a different process and set of rules to create the garments. The Moss location was easy because I knew exactly what I wanted to be wearing. I sketched and then spoke with artist Leah Targon and she was able to calculate how to get the skirt to hold its shape etc… With the sand dune spot, Olivia Le Blanc and I worked together to come up with the jacket shape and color. Each shoot is approached slightly different based on how I visualize myself in the environment.


CUS: Would you consider this a primarily fashion-based project or a photography-based project? (Or neither?)

SC: I am not sure how to classify it. I am a photographer first, and the clothing was just a piece in the puzzle to create the work as a whole.


CUS: Where are the garments now?

SC: The garments are in my closet. Hanging artifacts from the shoots haha.


CUS: Tell us about the group show you participated in at Milk Gallery in New York back in May.

SC: I was showing at Milk Gallery this past May as part of the Parsons photography show. I had two 36x24 photographs printed and framed. The show had a range of work and it was really refreshing to have the work alongside the other artists, working in various visual mediums.


CUS: What can you tell us about your accompanying book?

SC: Along with the framed work I had a book with over 25 images at the show. (I am selling a few limited edition copies as well) It is hardcover and there is writing about the work in the book! 


CUS: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or events?

SC: As of now, I am doing freelance work in New York City. I am always looking to work with brands and companies, as well as stylists and other creatives. I am also dreaming up new projects in vast, terrestrial locations.



Sofia Colvin, based in NYC.


Project Statement: I have to conform. Nature is indifferent to suffering, yet I turn to it for answers that I may not receive. I must seek them myself.  To Make A Mirror is a photography series that explore the self and environments that represent the otherworldly, incomparable and sublime.  By designing and having garments constructed for each location, I bridge the gap between the natural world and fashion. I do not venture into these landscapes in search of civilization, but to take a moment for myself, a quiet, meditative time to reflect and understand my role. By blending into the environments I vanish just as I ask to be looked at.